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Blues Bass Lines for Guitar (Part 1)

Guitar Lesson

By Aleks on 16.7.2018

In this TuneFellows guitar lesson, Aleks will show you some concepts for bass lines over a 12 bar blues. If you are not familiar with the 12 bar blues we highly recommend watching our 12 bar blues video and the I, IV and V cords video. The bass lines in this video are played in the key of A, but you can easily play them in any other key. If you are not sure how to approach playing the bass lines in this video in other keys you can read the description under the I, IV and V video, where you find an easy to understand diagram.

By learning the concepts in this video you will not only learn how to play some interesting blues bass lines, but that will also help you come up with more interesting melodies when playing solos on the guitar. Once you're comfortable playing all the ideas that are shown in the video you can try to mix them up to come up with even more interesting sounding concepts.