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Blues Intros

Blues Opening Licks Guitar Lesson

By Aleks on 8.7.2018

In this beginner-to-intermediate guitar lesson you will learn six very useful ideas for blues intros in the key of A that you can make your own and adapt to any blues song you play and make it more interesting right from the start. With some minor modifications you can also adjust all those intro licks to be used in the middle of the tune as turnarounds to make the song you play more interesting. Some minor adjustments can also be made to adopt those licks as an ending for your blues tune.

If you are new to playing guitar, new to blues or would just like to refresh your memory we also recommend watching the I, IV and V chords video and also our 12 bar blues video. In those videos you can learn some essential blues basics and some of the theory you need to understand this lesson better, make the most of it and have fun.