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Playing Blues With Double Stops

Guitar Lesson

By Aleks on 13.8.2018

In this video lesson you will learn how to play blues with double stops. You'll learn the difference between single note lines, chords and double stops, how to use them and how to mix and match everything together and come up with more interesting sounding tunes on the guitar.

Here is a short and simple explanation for single note lines, chords and double stops:

  • Single note lines means predominantly one note at a time. Like a vocal approach. Very understandable, direct and clear, easier to relate to, like singing. Quite easy to play on the guitar.
  • Chordal playing – three or more notes simultaneously. Choir-like sound, used from pianists, almost big band like. Very rich sounding, gives the most harmonic content. Not that easy to play on the guitar, most demanding on the fretting hand.
  • Double stops – two notes simultaneously (in this particular lesson on adjacent strings) gives you thicker sound and a lot more harmonic context. You can hear the chords being outlined very clearly. Easy to execute on guitar.